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Who We Are

OFF THE WALL FITNESS BROOMFEILD  is not your average gym. Owner and Trainer Randy Laracca, whose passion for Lacrosse led him into a life of physical fitness (check out his before and after pics on our Testimonials page), leads the way here. His unconventional training bridges the gap between the generations and equips OTW to help both adults and children reach their fitness goals.

In searching for the best methods to help you shed that unwanted body fat as quickly as possible, we've developed specialized programs to create sufficient and long lasting results. There is no doubt that you'll be satisfied with this results driven and energetic fitness workout program that includes motivation, accountability, and dynamic resistance training.

OFF THE WALL FITNESS leads group workout sessions that are personalized to ensure that YOU are getting the results you're looking for. Each session is fun, motivating and challenging. Best yet,

At Off the wall Fitness Broomfield we provide a small group training session of 4 to 8 members, to ensure our Certified Personal trainers are able to assist each member to maximize the benefits of the movement throughout the 30 minute HIIT workouts. Members can modify each station’s movement based on their strength and ability level, creating a fun and unintimidating approach to the HIIT workout.

Randy Laracca

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how WHO WE ARE can change WHO YOU ARE


Whether your a fitness newbie, a multiple-marathon master, a health nut or someone in between, we help you develop the plan you need to reach YOUR goals.

Interval Based Fitness Classes

Every workout is constructed to burn fat and build strength for long lasting results-guaranteed!


We ensure you'll never be bored with your workout program. We think of your fitness in outside the box ways to keep you ever improving, getting you closer to the body you've always wanted.
Jessie C. of Denver
Jessie C.
I had no prior experience with exercise at all and they helped me lose over 45 lbs.
Noah G. of Denver
Noah G.
If you want to build strength, stamina and keep yourself in good shape in a great environment, Off the Wall is the place for you. Oh, and the price can't be beat.
Lauren R. of Broomfield
Lauren R.
Music is solid, clients are fun and motivated, results are OFF THE CHARTS! Completely recommend over corporate gym settings!!!
Jamie K. of Westminster
Jamie K.
This gym is not your typical run on the treadmill, free weight gym and that's why I love it. I always leave feeling like I reached new fitness level.

Get ready for your BEST BODY ever!

Join OFF THE WALL FITNESS today and become your fittest self!