Join our Ranx!

In 2016, Broomfield Off The Wall Fitness has teamed up with Fit Ranx, a nationally recognized fitness ranking system. This revolutionary approach to fitness reserves a spot for clients of any level by incorporating calisthenic, cardiovascular,  and weighted exercises into every test. It doesn't matter if you're new to fitness or have been athletic for years; Fit Ranx is accessible to all!

How does this work within Off The Wall Fitness?

Great question! As you may have seen, our classes focus on interval based training classes that last for only thirty minutes. When you join our Fit Ranx group, this doesn't change. In fact, you will have the chance to focus on the exercises needed to pass your next level test within the class stations.


Yes! This program is a ranking based system. Our approach to helping you ascend through the ranks is by helping you complete the exercises that will be on your next testing day so that you will pass with flying colors. Testing days typically occur once every two months to give us adequate time to practice. What's really cool about this system is, once you pass a level test, you will receive both a certificate of completion and a color based dog tag!

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